Pasta Straws Pack 1800 pz

Pack 1800

Pasta Straw Made in Italy

made of 100% wheat

100% biodegradable

Pack 1800 PZ

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Lenght 24 cm
External Diameter 0.8 cm
Composition 100% Wheat
Immersion Resistence 2 Hours

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Straw Length about 24 cm

It lasts over an hour in cold drinks

Made only of water and durum wheat 100%

biodegradable and vegan

Tasteless - does not alter the flavor of your drink

Does not damage the environment.

Perfect alternative to straws that pollute Made with natural wheat, it is 100% biodegradable, do not pollute our planet.

They are identical to those plastic straws but without toxins or destruction footprints on the earth. Just think that a plastic straw is used for 20 minutes but it takes 500 years to dispose of it. In the United States alone, 500 million disposable straws are consumed every day (data from the Plastic Pollution Coalition).

Approximately 1 billion disposable plastic straws are used every day around the world. With our products, we want to take small steps to help reduce plastic, without giving up single-use products at all.

MISTER STRAW, is a highly motivated Italian company specializing in alternative straws to plastic. Our goal is to place products on the market that replace single-use plastics and thus protect the environment. Because future generations deserve a plastic free planet!